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Vegan No Gluten No Soy No Sugar No Dairy No GMO


  • Vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free energy bar
  • Clean, instant energy with 23g carbs
  • Plant-based whole foods satiate hunger
  • strength and performance boosting ACTIDO™ cucumber extract
  • Recommended dose: 1 bar per hour before or during intense physical activity
  • 12 bars X 50 g per pack


The Crownhealth ENERGY BAR gives you a powerful boost to fight the energy blackouts. Every bite of naturally-sweet cocoa nibs, crunchy pistachios, and dates delivers clean, instant energy to push toward the finish. Discover the power of naturally-sourced flavonoids and anthocyanins to increase strength and stamina. The balanced recipe is easy to digest with a delicious flavor and no lingering aftertaste.

One bar is packed with 200Kcal and 23 grams of plant-based fast absorbing carbohydrates that compensate for exhaustion, increase energy, and satiate hunger. This fitness superfood is recommended as the second step in your Crownhealth regiment. Enjoy a bar before or during intense exercise like trail-running, hiking, skiing, swimming, and cycling.

In addition to the natural energy shot, this bar also replenishes precious minerals to combat muscle fatigue. ACTIDO™, Crownhealth’s patented cucumber extract, is also clinically-proven to improve performance and speed up recovery time. Like all Crownhealth products, the vegan ENERGY BAR is 100% plant-based with no gluten, dairy, GMO ingredients, or artificial additives.



Dried dates, raisins 26.4%, pistachio 20%, cocoa broad beans 10%, date syrup, Actido™ (dried cucumber extract), cocoa butter, carrots, rosemary extract. Store in a dry place away from heat. May contain traces of peanuts, soy, sesame.

Nutrition facts

per bar (50g)  per 100g
Energy 836 kJ / 200 kcal 1671 kJ/ 400 kcal
Fat 9,5 g 19 g
Of which saturates 3,2 g 6,4 g
Carbohydrates 21,5 g 43 g
Of which sugars 21 g 42 g
Fibre 6,5 g 13 g
Protein 4,45 g 8,9 g
Salt 0,015 g 0,03 g

How to use:  1 bar per hour right before or during long physical activity , or during races.

Combination: in case of intense and long exercise you can use ENERGY BAR in combination with RESTORE BAR, to ensure a good protein intake

Extra tip: try them with fruit, smoothies or fresh juices for extra energy kick!

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