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NaturaleaTM creates ideas and solutions

for the nutraceutical, cosmetics and veterinary markets

We are a Swiss private company with a focused mission: we develop innovative solutions believing only in products backed by solid science.

We’re keen on taking up challenges. We only seek unique, innovative and effective solutions. To achieve our mission we create and develop ideas together with our international network of universities and top collaborators.

We transform ideas into a few products, all ours, which stand out for their uniqueness and always follow our philosophy and respect those around us.


We are dreamers
since when, still kids, we discover
that willfuness rewards every time
you conquer your limits
This is what nears our destiny route

We believe nature is a source of pure wisdom
to respect and share
We believe nature encompasses
equilibrium that regulates wellbeing

There’s a magic that light up our path
Everytime a dreamer designs a new finish line
This magic prove we are pioneers in
Creating new formulas according to nature

Our ideas take the shape of
innovative, clinically tested
unique and effective solutions

Proudly swiss

Naturalea, a Swiss private company,  has been incorporated in 2014 as a investing vehicle aiming at building, over the years, a relevant position in the nutraceutical market. Capitalizing on the 30-plus years of experience of some of the founders in the food business Naturalea both invest in relevant start-up companies or promotes a direct presence in the market via innovative, proprietary brands.

Naturalea is active in the B2B market, with a worldwide presence and a relevant network of contacts and relationships.

The B2C market has been approached in 2016 developing a unique and innovative approach to specialized sport nutrition. The brand Crownhealth has been created from scratch and, leveraging on the strong r&d capabilities a full range of new products are now being promoted actively, by the all-young marketing team.

The mission of Naturalea is to bring to the market innovative raw materials and to disrupt the specialized sport nutrition marketplace.


here we are


A founding and managing partner, a chemist by education, he oversees the research and development and scans the marketplace for new investments opportunity.
Bruno has more than 30 years of work mainly in food  companies developing and marketing special products worldwide. In this 3 decades of activity he has built a large and strong network of connections in almost all continents.


By far the younger of the two managing partners she is the bright mind managing all the marketing activities of the company. Simona, a true animal lover, she is convincely vegan and has a passion for images and media content. She oversees the company brands and all she is continuously looking at clever ways to increase the global awareness of Crownhealth phylosophy and products.


A professional Nutricoach with a strong University education in Nutritional Science and Biology. Francesca, a triathlete, she combines the deep knowledge of the science behind the products with the needs of the endurance athletes. Always looking to new ideas and products she is the ever-provoking mind behind the product development group.

Science and nature are the of our formulations

Crownhealth is based on an innovative active ingredient, Actido™

LThe plant extract Actido™ (Cucumis sativus – cucumber extract) is the result of a long scientific research and clinic testing.

Clinical tests confirm that Actido™ helps in improving:

  • muscle strenght and endurance
  • athletic performance
  • cellular recovery
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Crownhealth mission is to extend the sport wellness We look for the best ingredients, all extracted from the wonderful nature, and we combine them in unique recipes, attentive to specific needs, precious for our wellbeing and respectful of the planet and of all living beings that populate it.

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