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Nutrition program for a balanced diet with a Competiton and Pre-Competition strategy
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An itemized guide to help you execute the perfect nutritonal strategy for swimrunners and help you train for your next competition

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To prepare yourself for the competition you have choosen, the competiton you dreamed of for a long time, training is essential but not nearly enough.

Nutrition and supplementation do play a key role for your success.

Finding and than executing daily the best nutrition plan for you seems indeed almost impossible.

We are here to help you:

Together with our NutriCoach (Francesca Deriu) we have prepared this very specific file, full of practical suggestions, useful as well as of proven efficacy, to guide you to the nutritional plan that most suits you.

We almost identified completely ourselves with you and we have edited, in the most precise way, our suggestions to achieve a optimal nutritional strategy, for you, your sport, your targets and your lifestyle.

We will share with you all the secrets of a balanced and healthy diet, studied around you, and how to execute it day by day.

Discover the basic as well as the targets of the nutritional plan, how to try and prevent injuries, how to properly hydrate yourself, how to refuel your body with the needed energy, how to keep the correct body weight, how to take due care of all the details that you cannot disregard or oversee, and how to feed your body the best way.

Within the COMPETITION file you will also find our idea for a typical day of training (everyone has her own way) and our specific nutritional suggestions.

The COMPETITION file is a Adobe pdf document consisting of 31 pages only, that has been written, every words of it, by our Nutricoach, Francesca Deriu, Graduated Nutritionist , with a specialization in nutrition for competing athletes. The file will guide you easily and effectively with a number of ad hoc suggestions.

Nothing has been left to chance or not considered properly. Each file explain and guide you down to the most granular detail every step from breakfast to dinner, from pre- to post- training, till your target competition.

Download the file and make it your daily guide to plan your nutrition plan.

Take it with you always, printed or in its electronic form (better still: we all save some trees!) as a companion of your adventures. Inside the Competition file you will find the correct nutritional strategy for you: a balanced food plan and essential supplementation suggestions.

You will learn how nutrition science can improve your performance, minimize injuries risks, facilitate your recovery and become your best ally to face up to your most difficult competitions. You will understand how to plan a correct nutritional plan and you will, finally, achieve a really healthy, balanced diet.

challenge your limits, improve your performances, stay active longer

Each activity needs a different workload and each sportsman has unique needs

We have developed personalized "HOW TO USE" tables to allow you to reach your best always.

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