100% natural energy nootropic gel
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This innovative gel provides immediate clean energy for your muscles (23g carbohydrates), reduces fatigue with its unique isotonic formula (105mg sodium, 55mg potassium and 15mg magnesium) and helps improving your focus (nootropic action).

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The world's first nootropic gel made with 100% natural ingredients

Free from caffeine, stimulants, additives, preservatives, or sweeteners.

Our gel provides an immediate clean energy boost to your muscles during exercise (23g carbohydrates), reduces fatigue with its unique isotonic formula (105mg sodium, 55mg potassium and 15mg magnesium) and helps improving your focus (focus nootropic action).Energy Mind is concentrated (more energy in 30ml only), easily digestible and naturally tasty (no chemical flavours or additives). It is formulated to be used alone or together with your thirsty-quencher water refill before or during endurance training.

Energy Mind is the perfect solution for those who need instant extra energy and focus but don't compromise on health.Our formula based on organic rice and agave syrups contains cucumber extract ACTIDO™ and tomato extract NOOMATO™ which have clinically proven significant endurance, strength and recovery improvements. All our products are suitable for vegan and vegetarian as free from gluten, GMO, lactose, soy, added sugar.


organic rice syrup, organic agave syrup, water, salt, cucumber extract (Cucumis Sativus
L. ACTIDO™), tomato extract (Solanum Licopersicum, NOOMATO™), potassium chloride, magnesium carbonate.

May contain traces of milk, soy, egg, fish. 

How it works

One single gel contains 23g of carbohydrates providing an immediate clean energy boost to your muscles and helps improving your focus with its unique Focus Nootropic action (from innovative tomato extract NOOMATO™). Its isotonic formula allows the maximum digestibility and provides mineral salts to prevent dehydration and muscular fatigue (105mg sodium, 55mg potassium and 15mg magnesium). 

How to use

Right before or during training.1 to 3 gels per hour during intense physical activity (every 60 or 30 or 20 minutes).Formulated to be used alone or together with your thirsty-quencher water refill.


You can use Energy Mind alone or in combination with our Energy bars, which contain roughly the same amount of carbohydrates and provide long lasting energy for your muscles. You can also combine it with our Restore protein bar, to ensure a good intake of amino acids, in case of a long and intense exercise.

This energy gel is great. So much energy that I feel immediately lighter. No gastric issues at all. Very easy and pleasant to swallow. It leaves clean mouth and sweet taste.

Nadia, Trail and Vertical Runner, Switzerland

I like this energy shot very much. Great natural taste, not too much sweet, very pleasant, just a little bit salty , reminds me honey taste. Great texture easy to swallow and leaves clean mouth. No unpleasant side effects and no bad aftertaste that are very common in other gels. Great digestibility.

Aaron, Trail runner & Scenic Trail Director, Switzerland

I love the natural sweet taste and the texture of this energy shot. It releases so much energy and focus very quickly that lasts for one hour.

Alex, Swimmer, Switzerland

What I love the most of this unique vegan energy gel is the amazing nootropic effect on my focus together with energy boosting and fatigue decrease.I discovered that this gel contains two innovative extracts that are so powerful and effective.The formula is 100% natural, vegan and free of any additives so it is absolutely safe. Safety is so much important for me.ENERGY MIND is all I need for my long bike rides to be focused and powerful. .

Andrea, Cyclist, Italy

I was looking for a totally natural gel with no harmful substances, gluten free and vegan for my intense XC Ski trainings. I always aim for the best quality products for my health and my active life.I found this energy shot that is totally safe, clean and effective.No side effects ( too often you risk nausea or diarrea with many gels in the market) , no aftertaste but only great taste, perfect digestibility and an incredible focus, strenght and coordination improvement.

Sophie, XC Ski, France

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