We strongly believe in values that have inspired us for our products development



A varied and well-balanced diet is everything. Our products are 100% plant-based and suitable for any kind of diet. In our vision of the world, a diet that respects animals is the right choice for us and for the environment.


Nothing artificial or chemical is used along the entire supply chain. We safeguard the safety of the environment and of the final product, so what is most important to us: your health. We use recyclable packaging, from the plastic jar, or carton box, to the package with which we ship.

Respect and sustainability

We limit waste as much as possible. Just think that at the extraction stage: waste is re-used to generate biomass and energy!


From the seed to the consumer, we control the whole process and we are aware of everything that is going on. We guarantee vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, doping-free , additives free, no added sugars, products. Only top quality sources and ingredients for products that are GOOD!


Taking care of the entire supply chain with great passion and love, respecting all the people involved, from our farmers to our customers. This is what makes our products safe, unique and of excellent quality.

We are the answer to your needs

We believe we know well the dreams, the needs and the fears of the endurance sportsman. We created an ad hoc program for you .

Expertise and enthusiast in what we do: we are strong in combining nature preciousness and resources with science precision accuracy. This is the base from which we extract innovative solutions.

We are the very first ones who created a simple but well-finished specialized program which purpose is to make endurance athlete’s life easier and to be a precious aid for everyday’s challenges.

Nobody else conceived something similar: unique, innovative , good, vegan, gluten free, soy free, additives and preservatives free products.. Premium. Really Premium.

Thanks to Crownhealth your performance is improved and you never stop: the efficacy has been demonstrated by our clinical test

Exactly like you, we love challenges. Every day is perfect to put yourself on the line and to overcome your limits. We have a goal:: “TO STAY ACTIVE , and never give up or stop!”

Crownhealth™ is the first specialized nutritional program for endurance training

Crownhealth™ is the only exclusive program based on Actido™.

Our botanical extract Actido™ (Cucumis sativus) is the result of a long research and human clinical trials.
 Clinical studies demonstrate that Actido™ helps improving:

  • strength and overall muscular endurance
  • exercise performance
  • cellular recovery
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Crownhealth mission is to extend the sport wellness. We look for the best ingridients, all extracted from the wonderful nature, and we combine them in unique recipes, attentive to specific needs, precious for our wellbeing and respectful of the planet and of all living beings that populate it.

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