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Our Warm Up kit, the newest starter kit of our Crownhealth program contains:  1 bottle with 14 capsules of 1Force, 6 bars 2Eenergy, 6 bars 3Restore, 1 bottle with 14 capsules of 4Shield, and the personalized training programs for various endurance sports.


The essential for Endurance in one Kit

The KIT contains: 1Force 14 capsules, 6x 50g bars 2Energy, 6x 50g bars 3Restore, 4Shield 14 capsules and customized programs for preparatory workouts for different / for your specific endurance sports.

Four steps to improve your performance and to overcome your limits

Step 1) Longer and more intense workout

Step 2) Immediate energy refueling for your extreme workouts

Step 3) Faster recovery

Step 4) Defense of your wellbeing

Why WarmUP KIT

We know how a sportsperson like you trains. There are periods with lower workloads and others when you have to give your all to achieve your goals. The Crownhealth™ programme helps you improve performance and reduce the risk of painful injuries.

Safe, simple and vegan. The correct formula that completes your nutritional and workout plan, integrating in a 100% natural way.

Discover the beneficial effects during a training week with the Warm-Up Kit and get ready to give it the most!

The four steps of Crownhealth™ guarantee the correct assumption of bioactive and nutrients during different moments of the day and during different moments of your workout.

How to use

Four simple steps that drive you throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset, everyday

In the kit there is all you need for one week training.

Your own custom programme:

Every sport has a different workload and every athlete has unique needs. We have designed custom programmes so that you can make the most of every effort.

In the kit you will find some examples of Warm-Up preparatory workouts for:

  • Triathlon
  • Swimrun
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Crossfit
  • Trail
  • Alpinism
  • Hiking
  • XC Ski
  • Alpinism Ski
  • Roller ski

Are you ready to start?

I like the concept, the taste of the products and a vegan/ different source of nutrients.

Philipp, Ski Marathon, Austria

I have soon used up this starter pack. Enjoyed every bit of it, both for taste and nutritional reasons! So far I’m loving these products! I really like the recovery bar to enjoy after tough sessions and the energy bar is perfect to take on long sessions to keep me full of energy and make my sessions more enjoyablefor a longer time. I’ve been takind the Force capsules every morning and I definitely like the fact that it offers my body something soothing and anti-inflammatory before I put trgough the hard work. I always been a fan of probiotics to keep my immune system strong so that Shield fits perfectly for my diet! I am dairy intolerant so I am safe and have no side effecs.

Solveig, Cross country skier, Norway

First of all they are very tasty and I didn’t have any problems with my sensitive runners stomach. So I really like the quality of your products!

After the training I chose between the protein bar or the shake and I have to tell that the bar is a perfect snack after an exhausting workout or long run. I am usually very hungry afterwards and the bar was all I needed. So I didn’t feel cravings for additional food.

Marlen, Ultra Runner, Munich, Germany

challenge your limits, improve your performances, stay active longer

Each activity needs a different workload and each sportsman has unique needs

We have developed personalized "HOW TO USE" tables to allow you to reach your best always.

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