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Javelin thrower



I treat myself to all the Crownhealth product range, starting in the morning with 1Force and ending in the post work-out evening with 4Shield.

1Force is now, definitely, a pillar of my diet plan. It is almost two years I use it regularly and I have really found huge benefits in reducing my muscular inflammation, more so at the beginning of the season as well as during all the competitions when stress levels become very high and inflammation is always a real danger. 2Energy bars are a tasty break during the most intense training sessions, a great very digestible energy refuelling. The 3Restore protein bar is great as a after training snack. I use them very often as it is easy, convenient and very easily assimilated. Same can be said of the 3Restore powder proteins, that I either dilute in water or in lactose-free milk: they are easily dissolved, have no aftertaste and I have noticed a faster recovery after weight training.

Being everything plant derived, vegan, it means that my body can only thanks Crownhealth for the support in both energy and wellbeing.

Roller skier, World Champion



As soon as I became a professional athlete I realized how important nutrition is for us, as it is our fuel, needed to reach the top. Coming from a little town where we are used to eat only Km 0 vegetables, grown in our garden, I have always been suspicious of relying on too many supplements, afraid of missing information on their provenance and their quality.

l months ago I started using the Crownhealth range regularly because they are both healthy and truly natural. They allowed me to reach a good state of well-being and to finish a 50 km race, a very big deal for me as I am a 100-200m sprinter!

I really experienced a much quicker recovery: in China a few months ago, only two days after the 50 km race, I achieved my best sprint result of the winter season! I recommend everyone to try all the products of the program. My favorites are those dedicated to recovery, to be taken post-race or post-workout : I really go crazy for the 3Restore Peanuts bar! The 2Energy bars, which I often use among the qualifications, and are my terrific fuel to recharge completely and be read and fully of energy for the next round.




Speaking about Crownhealth for me is too much easy!

As a doctor I perfectly understand how supplementation can help performance, improve recovery and reduce the harmful oxidative stress. As an athlete I experience on my skin how much a quality supplement can really make the difference and I, with Crownhealth, particularly with 1FORCE and protein powder, 3RESTORE POWDER, I feel really better and I’m always ready to face the next day workout. The bars are a great-tasting and practical superfood and sometimes, in my frenetic life, they are a life saver that allows me to face a workout even if my meal at lunch was quick and rushed. As a doctor and as an athlete then I find these products fantastic on a scientific and nutritional level. Crownhealth, in addition to being in line with my balance research path, offers all vegan products that respect us and the environment ... and I think that doing something good to ourselves without causing damage to our world is a great achievement .

I Love Crownhealth!




Finally I found excellent vegan products that respect my body and the environment. I have always tried not to use anti-inflammatory remedies, but 1Force is something completely different: natural, without side effects, healthy and above all very effective. Recovery is faster and muscle pains have practically disappeared. All Crownhealth products are excellent, it is good to know that before a yoga session it is best practice not to eat but with the energy bars everything is solved: I eat one bar an hour before and I have all the energy to face the session. For post-session recovery, protein bars or proteins are a real panacea.




I think health and physical well-being strictly depend on hearty and appropriate nutrition. So I found myself immediately in love with Crownhealth vision of well-being. I really like to congratulate Crownhealth for having been able to transform and realize ideas into products that are indeed essential for sportsmen like us. By no means Crownhealth products are of the highest quality: they are the first and compulsory choice for any sportsman and are super great tasting too!

Here are my feedback, product by product:
  • 1Force, I love it! I take it daily to cure the inflammation resulting from intense workouts. I highly recommended it to prevent painful conditions, or to recover from injuries.
  • 2Energy bars, with their excellent consistency and flavor, provide the right charge to start the workout at your best and are so easily assimilated.

The vegan protein drink mix has the right amount of proteins per dose and is easily and quickly soluble, thanks to the practical shaker. Personally I find the taste a bit too strong if taken with water only and I prefer to drink it with soy milk. The vegan protein bars, a all-day snack, offer the right protein boost and are simply delicious! 4Shield, indispensable for the physical well-being of a sportsman and everyone who wants an healthy microbiota.

Keep it up with your ideas and products! :)




I devote extreme attention to nutrition and I study consciously all the nutritional values of what I eat, since a very long time. I have always been a fan of products based on high quality raw materials and I perfectly know how they can really help athletes reach high and higher goals preserving thier health in any way.

L’ aspetto che più apprezzo dei prodotti Crownhealth infatti è la semplicità: pochi ingredienti, semplici e soprattutto chiari. Il secondo aspetto fondamentale è l'EFFICACIA che ho riscontrato. Il mio prodotto preferito è 2ENERGY, che fornisce la giusta energia necessaria per svolgere il mio allenamento al meglio.

What I really loved when I choose Crownhealth products are the EFFECTIVENESS I found out on myself and the SIMPLICITY: a few, simple and, above all, clear ingredients. My favorite product is 2ENERGY, which provides the required energy for facing my training to the fullest.

It is interesting how Crownhealth offers a complete line of products from pre, during and above all post-training or competition: in this way it certainly ensures a complete nutrtitonal program.

Cross Country Skier / Sport scientist / Cross Country Skiing Instructor



First of all the taste is great. I just like the way the bars, both the energy and the restore bar and the recovery drink taste. This is an important factor since you are consuming a lot of bars and drinks throughout a training and racing season. Other than that, the concept of crownhealth with no soya, natural and vegan products offers me a different source of nutrients. The diversity of micro and macro nutrients helps me to fuel my body with the energy I need to achieve my goals in long distance Cross Country Skiing.

Spartan Girl / World Championship Lake Tahoe 2017



Thanks to my physiotherapy studies and my passion for sport, I educated myself to pay close attention to what I eat. I chose to respect my body and the environment around me and I do it through a healthy lifestyle and carefully choosen nutrition. Since several years I’m trying to nourish myself only with foods that keep my body healthy and that combine the best nutritional value with total safety and soundness. Awareness, when buying a product, is the best way to total wellbeing. Thanks to Crownhealth I found a range of completely natural and straightforward products, with ingredients that work in perfect harmony and, as a result, tthat are very effective and have a terrific taste.

Right now they are a fundamental pillar of my nutrition plan and a strong aid for my sporting activities, that do require time and sacrifice. I adore them, I can’t do without.

"Keep and treat food as if it was your body, remembering that over time food will be your body” (Richardson)

Cross country skier



I am a competitive cross country ski athlete. For me it is very important to provide my body with the right fuel during all the hard training and racing periods, for optimal recovery. I have a rather sensitive digestion and so I train and compete properly only when I can fuel my body with natural products, Crownhealth products fit me perfectly.

The 1FORCE supplement has definitely made a difference and I notice that my muscles recover a lot faster after hard interval sessions and races. The 2ENERGY bars are perfect to get extra fuel during long sessions as they are easy on my digestion and give me that super boost, naturally. My body now tolerates all the tough training hours noticeably better!




I’m involved in sports nutrition since many years, and for professional reasons I know the nutraceuticals world very well. As a nutritionist, but also as an athlete, I have always looked for quality products with good taste, good intestinal toleration, completely natural, sustainable and enviroment respectful ingredients, but at the same time, able to cover the real needs of an athlete. I found this all in Crownhealth, an aid I can not do without anymore.




I am a middle-distance runner of the Carabinieri track and field sports group and of the Italian national team. I have been using 1Force for la ong time and I will keep using it , as it is natural supplement that allows me to reduce the risk of injury and inflammation. Also after quite intense training sessions, I noticed that it helps me to recover faster. I highly recommend it to sportsmen as well as to everybody, to feel better with youself and your body.

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