The Restore Powder recipes: The exotic (super easy)


300ml of natural coconut water

20g of Restore Powder (about 2 tablespoons)

And bring 200 g of fruit with you!



Pour the coconut water into the shaker, add Restore Powder and mix well. Very simple, isn’t it?

To increase your sugars intake, which is essential in the post-training phase, we recommend bringing a fruit with you.

An example? Drink the protein shake and eat a banana separately.


NUTRITION FACTS (Referred to drink + fruit)

Kcal Energy 208

Protein g 13.32

Lipids g 0.52

Carbohydrates g 38.34

Total fiber g 3.26

Total saturated g 0.04

Total monounsaturated g 0.07

Total polyunsaturated g 0,14

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